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Attention all SoundCloud users

Up until episode 28, LoudSports 101 used SoundCloud as the host for the podcasts.  Because of the need to grow and some more exciting features being rolled out later, LoudSports 101 had to move to our own site, where you currently are. 

What that means to SoundCloud users?  LoudSports 101 newer podcast are not being displayed on SoundCloud. 

What can be done about it?  LoudSports is listed on a variety of other Podcast directories, with Apple being the largest.  In order to receive the latest weekly podcast from LoudSports 101, you can either:

  • Move to another podcatcher app, besides SoundCloud and search for LoudSports 101


  • Add this link to your SoundCloud or other podcatcher app,

Once either of those 2 options are completed, you should be receiving your weekly LoudSports 101 podcast, just as before.

Sorry for this, but with LoudSports 101 growing as it is, we needed a more robust and flexible hosting solution.